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Slip Micky Releases Debut

(MLA Music) January 06, 2008 -- Slip Micky announces the release of their debut release In the Making on MLA Records.

Metal mania has hit Arizona with the much anticipated release of In the Making by Slip Micky. Today the CD is hitting all the online download outlets and through the MLA Records Online Outlet at

The members of Slip Micky have come together to create a sound in the tradition of such bands as Korn, Tool, and Pantera.

Sean - Vocals From: Orange County, New York Bio: Sean vocalizes from within to match the intensity of the lyrics he writes. Slip Micky is based on chemistry that is glued together in the final meshing of this New York vocalists persona. Sean admittidately states that he can not sing behind a song that he can not relate to >>> what you hear is what he is and what he has experienced ... which makes it all that much easier to relate to him.

Darren- Guitar From: Space Bio: Darren hails from Souther California. You've seen him around; He was one of the founding members of Slip Micky back in its inception in early 2004. After a brief leave of absense in late 2007 ... he has returned to his shred position where he rightfully belongs >> to rock the world.

Scott - Drums From: Salt Lake City, Utah Bio: Heavy hitting Scott "The Creature" Hughes has been smashing skins long enough to know he needs to make sure his gig bag is stocked with lots of extra sticks at all times. This character has a background of breaking more than just sticks ... but we won't go into that here (you can ask him yourself -- but wear protection). As the backbone of the band ... Scott maintains the crankin beats of Slip Micky with a ferocity you would expect from a man called "Creature".

Ghetto - Guitar From: Phoenix, Arizona Bio: Slip Micky picked up a jewel of a bass player in Ghetto in mid 2005. While in down time with his previous band, Slip Micky was looking for a bass player to replace their original four stringer ... they picked up Ghetto who was playing guitar at the time and never looked back. He's been the perfect fit on all levels and the creativity of the band has increased significantly.Ghetto will now be playing guitar for us.

Big Poppa Z- Bass From:Phoenix, Arizona Bio: Mike 'Big Poppa Z" was picked up in late 2007 to solidify the current line up as the bass thump. The addition of Mike has allowed Ghetto to slide into the rythym guitar slot ... adding a thickness to round out Slip Micky's sound.

This 7 track CD includes the singles Stand Down and Wounded as well as a bonus acoustic track - a rarity in itself from Slip Micky.

In the Making is available at iTunes, emusic, Amazon, and many other outlets in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.




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