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Special Mothers Day Release from Walker Caine

(MLA Music) April 30, 2009 -- Walker Caine will giving away a special release of the song "Vanessa" to radio and for free download through May 9, 2009 as a Mothers Day special.

"It was written for a young mother so why not share it with all? The CD that this song will be on, "Lost in Time", is still being worked on, but it was Walker Caine's idea that we do a special release. We also thought it to be a nice idea even though it's not the final mix." stated MLA Records. "After the 9th it will be pulled and not seen again until the CD release. We're waiting on Horst to put in a lead guitar and it will be remixed, so maybe it's somewhat of a collector release huh? We hope you like it as is ... we do."

The song Vanessa can be downloaded for Radio quality at contact MLA Records) and by the public at iLike




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