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The Re-Creation of Walker Caine

(MLA Music) December 20, 2008 -- Two years of bumpy roads and deterioration of best laid plans left us all wondering about Capt. Walker. Material he wouldn't release, problems on the road, and then after a vocal injury last spring all he would say is "I give up".

"The songs just weren't coming anymore ... and when they did, they were holy-cow kind of inspirations with full orchestration. Well, there just wasn't any way to get that done in my world, people were always busy with something else. I guess I'm not always the easiest person to work with and to keep the peace I settle for less than what I'm after." said Walker.

But, help comes from unexpected sources when members of fellow label-mate Slip Micky tricked him into recording sessions taking him into a new sound on the eve of their own freshman release In the Making.

"It's kinda bizarre, because it's turning out to be stuff that I've always wanted to do but no one ever wanted to work with me on, so I'm having a real hard time putting it all together. Actually I'm still in shock ... and I certainly never expected my voice to come back the way it has; which is good because they haven't let me pick up a guitar. Smart boys. I still have a lot of songs that I play and have never recorded, but there's no way I can pull off 2-years of solo tours with this new stuff like I did with Soft Shoulder. It's metal with a twist. You definately have to hear it to believe it; it's left field even by my standards."

Working on this project are Slip Micky guitarists Ghetto and Darren, plus the return of drummer Greg "Gus" Laney. Sessionist Alyssa "Abby Normal" will make an appearance and several other notables have been offering assistance.

And a release date? "Hey, I'm just standing here watching it happen. Why jinx it with a time frame? All I can say is this one will be released; just to shock people if nothing else. In some ways it's the best stuff I've heard in years."




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